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I’ve been bouncing around the country for almost 20 years now, if you blink, you might miss me!

But, it’s a safe bet that you’ll be able to say hi in person at the following events – thanks for swinging by, and if you’re in New Orleans, coquetailes are always appreciated (especially if they have bourbon or champagne in ’em…)

Sunset at the Frenchmen Art Market
Sunset at the Frenchmen Art Market

Frenchmen Street Art Market
New Orleans, Nightly, Thursday-Monday

This is a GORGEOUS night market wedged in between The Spotted Cat jazz club and The Apple Barrel blues club, on the world-famous Frenchmen Street in New Orleans.

I love working this market – it’s the perfect sorbet between the frenetic course of all the live music in the French Quarter. My stuff is there all weekend, but I’m usually there Saturday & Sunday nights. Come hang out on our glowing sofas & shop the best place for local art in New Orleans!

This is a shot of Jay building my booth - it's all done now, though:)
My booth at LARF. Yes, that’s my finger in the upper left. I never claimed to be a photographer.

The Louisiana Renaissance Festival
November-December 2015

Take a break from the 21st century! I have a permanent booth overlooking the lake at this beautiful Elizabethan village. (It’s all finished now!) Come see a large selection of my original work, as well as archival canvases and lithographs, and I’ll be decorating skin if you fancy a design.



Atlanta, Georgia, Easter Weekend, 2015

An all-women-run zombie Easter Luau, with a 24-hour dungeon, phenomenal shopping, all-night parties and a bouncy house? Yes, please!

I’ll have a large selection of my work with me, along with my body painting supplies – come visit, and get your kink on:)

7 thoughts on “Meet the Artist

  1. I was sitting here watching Les Miserables from last year, and thought of you and Mavi…how we would have definatley gone to see it at the Byrd Theater…Your art is still amazing….and I am happy you “keep a roof over your head”. Your website lets me keep up with you across the ages.

    1. There’s a lady here who sez she knows you, and found your son’s wallet…! Here’s her contact info:

      “Hi, I am trying to reach Ed Wolstenholme. I knew him as a child, and strangely enough, I found a wallet that I think belongs to his son. If you know how to reach him, could you send my email address to him? I saw a comment on your site that I think was from the Ed I know. Thank you!”

  2. Glad to know one of my favorite artist is doing well.
    Quick question is the original artwork of “Soul owning” up for sale?

  3. I want to buy a copy of your book for my girlfriend (we are both big fans) and thought going through your online store would guarantee the best benefit to you. Do you see any difference in where it’s purchased from? Just signed on as an “Enlightened Circle” patron.

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