The choice is yours…whatcha gonna do about?

If we keep our channels open, and our assumptions shut, we can learn something every. damn. day.

It could be anything:
how to miter a board
how to hold your face to make strangers smile, or not see you
how to hear music differently
how to understand a poem you’ve known forever
how to connect more intimately with a friend
how to learn a new route to an old haunt
how to let pain fuel growth
how to push differently, and therefore harder, with exercise
how to be kinder to others by beating up the bully within ourselves
how to accept that fear is an emotional response to the unknown

It’s all a choice. Either we learn and grow, or we hide and die. The world changes slowly, but we can change our response to the world the moment we decide to do it.

Love, light, learning and luck to you all

.Crying Ledge

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