Three weeks after receiving my BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University, I caught a one-way bus to New York City.  Fleeing a successful career selling animation to the world’s top advertising agencies, I’ve since illustrated comics (Valiant and ElfQuest), painted book & album covers, and created artwork for various entertainment companies.  I also do a spot of storyboarding for the movie industry.

After 9-11, I relocated to New Orleans, just in time for Hurricane Katrina.  Opportunity lives where most fear to tread, so I bought a flooded, moldy heap in the 9th Ward. It is truly the house that tenacity built.

Now, I paint visual metaphors for the human condition (it makes sense when you see the whole body of work), and enough people love my stuff that I make a full-time living with it. My mom’s just happy I don’t ask her for money anymore.

My book Lightsurfing: Living Life in the Front of My Mouth is an illustrated, anecdotal, autobiographical journey of what it takes to carve your own path in the world.

Thanks for poking around, contact me at marrusart AT yahooo if you need me!