This is a print of a brief time period anthropomorphized as a woman holding back day from night.

Jealous Gloaming

12×18″ lithograph available here.

This painting of a jealous goddess came about because the word “gloaming” is on the cusp of becoming archaic – it means the brief half-light between dawn and morning, twilight and night. I was also inspired by the elves of Rivendell in The Lord of the Rings, and by Rose’s wet hair in Titanic. Ideas come from everywhere.

Personified, I believe the gloaming would be a half-thing, half flesh, half bone, envious of all the attention that night and day receives. Here, she bars those two time periods apart with her hair and body, nighttime without, daytime within, so that her time on earth can last just a little bit longer.

I’ve been told she looks like an anime character – I guess my comic book background affected me more deeply than I thought. If you’d like to see the sketches behind this piece, they’re on page 136 of my book!