This is an oil painting of a series of archways, each getting quieter and more simple as one moves to the center.

My Golgotha

Original available, oil on canvas, 18×36″, $5000

12×20″ lithograph, limited edition available here.

“Golgotha”, Aramaic for “place of skulls”, is the hilltop where Jesus was supposedly crucified. Considering the shape of the crucifix, I thought, “Turned on its side, that looks an awful lot like an ‘X’. A barrier. Thou shalt not pass.”

This painting came about when I wondered, “What if a religion’s symbol was a series of archways? That by traveling through each progressive arch, some of the noise and distraction of the world would be stripped away, ’til finally the glow of quiet enlightenment was achieved?”

This piece is one of a limited edition of 250.