This is an oil painting of an abstracted couple, surrounded by vaginal imagery.

Transgen Dreams

Original painting available, oil on canvas, 18×24”, $3000

11×14″ print available here.

My paintings are often “accused” of being sexualized. And while I like sex in art (when it’s done in a creative fashion), such a limited definition of my art is frustrating. I don’t paint obvious sexual imagery, but I don’t, umm, pussyfoot away from it, either. If lovely lines equate sensuality, so be it.

“Adult” art should appeal to ALL aspects of the adult mentality: fear, fantasy, hope & questions. THAT’S what I love. Give me the metaphor. Let me paint things we don’t have words for – yet.

And this painting showed up. Yeah, there’s sex. But there’s also lesbianism. And gender issues. And lots of other things. Watching a friend’s transition from one gender to the other solidified the concept for me.

I’ve been told this painting is reminiscent of Georgia O’Keeffe’s work, but I’m not cloaking my imagery in flowers.