This is an oil painting representing a male figure, arms reaching skywards, in the style of stained glass, similar to Alex Grey.

Vesalian Exultation

12×20″ print available now.

This painting was inspired by Vesalius, a 16th century Belgian physician, who was the first to dissect and draw human bodies for medical reference, long before the Church sanctioned such blasphemous exploits. Daring tales of how he secured his subjects are as amazing as his beautiful illustrations.

I was struck by the heavier lines used to show the delineation of the musculature. They reminded me of the leading used to secure stained glass. Then I thought: “Leading is to body like glass is to soul.” And a joyous human figure, radiating out into light, would continue that cognate.

Many people immediately mention Alex Grey upon seeing this painting, and while I really like his work, I wouldn’t have seen this…