Welcome to more than half my lifetime staring back at you from your screen. These are the ones that showed up behind my eyes, and refused to let me rest until I “made them real” – that is, locked them down on paper, or wood, or canvas.

I’ve got sketchbooks going back to when I was eight, and they’re filled with ideas, doodles, poems, and portraits, but scattered here and there, images begin to repeat. And the ones that make me draw them over and over, the ones that yell the loudest, the ones that FIGHT for it (because painting is HARD, damnit, and drinking and teasing people are fun) are the ones that become real.

You’ll find the results here in these galleries.

Go Figure
Figurative Paintings that Confound Expectation. View gallery.

Mythological Beasts, Otherworldly Creatures, DemonFae, and Pony Girls Fit for a Merry-Go-Round. View gallery.

Quirky Timeslices of Unbridled Imagination. View gallery.

Sacred Psyche
Sanctuary of Enlightened Self-Interest. View gallery.

Psychosexual Surrealism and the Ties that Bind. View gallery.

Past Works
Paintings that have gone out into the world and found new homes. View gallery.

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