Hire Marrus!

Need something created? First off, thanks for considering me for your project! I’ve done many different types of things:

Tattoo Design
Face & Body Painting
Illustration (Album Covers, Role Playing Games, Book Covers)
Comic Book Inking
Costume Design

If you’d like me to work on your project, please email your proposal to marrusart@yahoo.com. I’m most excited to work on projects that are in keeping with the flavor of my own work. Please allow ample time for us to do our best work together – I’m often booked, either in my studio, or with my touring schedule, months in advance.

I am NOT interested in Spec Work, ie, work that will “get my name out there”, or “look great in my portfolio”. I love the work I do, and I love to be paid for my work!

Examples of rates:

Storyboarding by Marrus

Storyboard SampleStoryboarding is $500/day. I’ve happily followed directors through swamps & haunted plantations, acting out fight scenes, and drawing thumbnails the whole time. I love to get into the story, act out the parts, and make sure the shot is exactly what you want! You can see some of my boards here. I prefer to bang out a bunch of thumbnails than do high detailed finished boards – and that saves you time & money, right?

Tattoo Design by Marrus

Tattoo DesignA simple B/W starts at $300 and goes into the stratosphere from there. I promise I’m worth it. The way I go about designing tattoos is as follows:

We have a conversation. I’ll ask about inspiration and placement and style, and maybe give you some ideas you hadn’t considered. (I once held a piece of tracing paper against a vagina to ensure the tattoo lined up properly – these things need to be PERFECT.) I’ll ask you to collect some imagery to get a feel for what you’re after.

Next, I’ll ask for a deposit, based on the size, complexity, and your time schedule. When that arrives, I’ll zap a pencil sketch to you and we’ll have another conversation, after which I’ll tighten the sketch. When the drawing is exactly what you wanted and I come off looking like a mind reader, I’ll ink it and show it to you again for your approval. If the piece is to be colored, we’ll go from there. Most folks want to work directly with their tattoo artists at that point. I do not do the actual tattooing. Sorry ‘bout that.

Want to be a canvas?

bodypaint sampleI’ve painted people at sci-fi cons, renaissance festivals and kinky events for almost 20 years. I work seamlessly from the arms of twitchy two year old to mostly nekkid burlesque performers to the heads schoolteachers undergoing chemo – not necessarily at the same event!

I’m spending more time on personal projects, but I can be enticed out of semi-retirement with the right combo of cool gig and greenbacks. Rates start at $150/hr (if you’re local to New Orleans). Please email marrusart@yahoo.com.

Need illustrations?

Illustrations for “Deliria” Role Playing Game

I can work in lots of different styles, but don’t let that stress you. Stroll around my website, tell me which of my pieces look the most like your idea! Clean black and white linework, ready for a logo? Got it. Watercolor spot illustration? No problem. Fully realized, richly imagined oil painting? No worries. Shoot me an email, let’s have a conversation!

It’s pretty inexpensive to have me doodle something to prove I’m really good at making the thing in your head something you can see with your eyes.

Wanna use my existing work?

Album Cover for Heather Dale’s “Fairytale”

I’m open to having my pieces licensed, but we’ll look at that on a case by case basis. If you’d like to use one of my paintings on your website, I’d appreciate being asked, with links back to my site. That’s why all my jpgs have big, hairy watermarks. If we come to an agreement, I can make you something a little less obtrusive.

I can supply a fat list of folks with whom I’ve worked, and I have a machine-like work ethic embedded in a bouncing five year old’s creative brain. It’s worked just fine for a long time.

Please send all inquiries to marrusart@gmail.com. I look forward to hearing from you!