Storyboard Work

Shooting a movie in Louisiana and need a storyboard artist? I’m right here in New Orleans!

My storyboarding rate $500/day. I’ve happily followed directors through swamps & haunted plantations, acting out fight scenes, and madly drawing thumbnails the whole time. I love to get into the story, and making sure the shot is exactly what you want! I prefer to bang out a bunch of thumbnails than do high detailed finished boards – and that saves you time & money, right? Right!

“A Haunting in Georgia”

Director: Tom Elkins
"A Haunting in Georgia" Storyboards 1 HB2_web HB3

“The Librarian: The Judas Chalice”

Director: Jonathan Frakes
Director: Jonathan FrakesLib3webjpg Lib4web Lib6web Vampscanweb

“Cassidy’s Girl”

Director: Ed Holub

"Cassidy's Girl" Storyboardscg33 cg49 cg72

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