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"Lightsurfing" by Marrus
“Lightsurfing” by Marrus

“Marrus’ debut chronicles her artistic development through allegorical paintings and anecdotes of living life to the fullest…

Stunning design combines with an edgy, inspirational life story; let us see more.” —Kirkus starred review

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I wrote the book I wish I’d been handed when I was starting out, and being told exhaustively that I’d never make a living with the kind of art I create. Cuz they were WRONG. I even own a house.

Lightsurfing is 162, full-color pages of paintings, sketches, and the events that inspired them. There are skinned deer and burned out buildings. There are some felonies, but the statute of limitations has expired. And there’s also kinky stuff and hefty chunks of wisdom that I hope you can use to carve your own successful path in the world.

“Lightsurfing” is available HERE, and I’m happy to personalize your book – just write me a note telling me to whom!


If you’re ready for storytime, here are some samples of me reading from my book, including a bit about “a scary, kinky clown.

“When I first met Marrus, I came to the startling conclusion that I was not meeting an ordinary woman…[Lightsurfing] is not just an art book, but a book about the journey from point A to point F’n A. It’s about forging your path through…life and being a success at it…and loving the nuances that made the journey what it was.”– Rex Dingler