I’m told my paintings are a cocquetaile of Neil Gaiman’s worlds and Clive Barker’s art, an amuse bouche of Erte, and a sprinkle of Cirque du Soleil. While I love all these things, I’m influenced by so much more: the thousands of people I’ve met, afternoon sunlight falling on ancient brick after a thunderstorm, eyes shining in epiphany, calliope-song floating across the Mississippi. It all comes together in paintings of visual metaphors for things we don’t have words for…yet. Thank you for looking around!

My friend Kate Holly-Clark said this about my work:

“Worlds ranging the spectrum from quirk to snark to kink to heart to laughter to startlement and sometimes to dancing. The paintings won’t match your couch, may not match your mood, and your brain may, someday, catch up.”